December 09
Ånge driftledningscentral Banverket
casting ready

graphic elements to be assembled in Ånge 9 dec
consulting comission
technique: MG Graphic Concrete,
Artist Karin Laaja.
Prefab industry: Strängbetong, Långviksmon, Sweden.

December 09,
Skuru Handbollshall, Nacka Sweden,
new public art comission
Artist: Mikael Göransson
Graphic concrete technique: Mikael Göransson
Prefab industry: Sollebrunn
s betongelement

August 09
Rosengård wall, public artwork

Artist: Mikael Göransson
Graphic concrete technique: Mikael Göransson

May 09
Ursvik Kopplingsstation, Sweden.
Mikael Göransson: technical and estethic consulting,
image edition and preparation, print,
Customer: Strängbetong AB.

February 09 (more info coming soon)
Sickla Gymnastikhall
new art project in Nacka, Stockholm .
Rosengård "Törnrosen" new art project in Malmoe Sweden.

December -08
Dagens Nyheter, swedish newspaper, 20/12 2008-
"Form adventure of the year"

December -08
Article from magazine, swedish text,
Betong December 2008

November -08
Tvålflingan information english .pdf

October 07
interview and article for Foto magazine (swe)
to be published soon ( I believe)

september 2007
New artwork comission in Stockholm, entré deHotel Anglais,

august-october 2007
trial castings for Tvålflingan at SCF in Strömsund

Article in Arkitektur magazine (swedish) , Växjö university library.

26 may 2007
Raoul Wallenberg Monument
inaugurated by former Secretary-general
of the United Nations mr. Koffi Annan

Orvar Bergmark memorial
opening ceremony at May 20, Behrn Arena, Örebro.

4 may 2007
Renovating project of the monumental
Picasso sculpture in Kristinehamn
Meeting with Picasso´s executive artist Carl Nesjar and Bengt Olsson
who brought the sculputere plans to Kristinehamn in 1964.

BRF Tvålflingan, new project in Stockholm, Sweden
Graphic concrete artworks by Mikael Göransson to be integrated in the facades
of a new residential area at Telefonplan, including a 16-storey building in black/black concrete.
Production start spring 2007, more info at the architect´s site www.

represented in the Design program
Bästa formen (swedish television TV2)

28 sept 2006-
opening of the new library at Växjö University, Sweden,
outdoor artwork in MG Graphic Concrete by Mikael Göransson.
new photos to be added soon.