Sickla Gymnastikhall
Raoul Wallenberg memorial
Rosengård, Malmoe
Ånge Driftledningscentral
Percy Nilsson
Absolute Gråzon
Skuru Handbollshall
BRF Tvålflingan

Kalmar Police House / video
Orvar Bergmark Memorial
Stadshagen Subway Station / video
Torslanda Fire Station / video
Växjö University

These projects dates back from year 2000 and forward and deals with my public artworks in the MG graphic Concrete tecnique. (earlier artworks will be presented in separate archive folders)Starting with the entirely manually made artwork for Stadshagen Subwaystation in the year 2000-2003 followed by the first integrated artwork ever in whole wallsize pre-cast elements in 2004, Torslanda Firestation, the first outdoor work for Växjö University´s new library casted in april 2005 which opened in september 28, the new Kalmar Police House which will open in october 2008 and the Orvar Bergmark memorial which was inaugurated in May.

. “Bis repetita non placent”- Horatius